NZGA Papers

New Zealand Geothermal Association Industry Papers

From time to time the NZGA publishes national and international papers on specific issues related to geothermal development. These are listed under the following subheadings, in descending date order and may all be downloaded:

New Zealand Geothermal Industry Overview New Zealand Industry Updates
Specific Issues International papers


New Zealand Geothermal Industry Overview:

Aug 2011  Draft case for NZ membership of the International Partnership for Geothermal Technology – B White, NZGA, (pdf 1.03MB)Comment: NZ is now part of the IPGT so this is redundant

New Zealand Industry Updates:

April 2015 New Zealand Country Update 2015 – NZGA (pdf 4.18 MB)
Nov 2014 Energy Perspective 2015 – EnergyNZ Perspectives 2015 article, B White, NZGA (pdf 274 KB)
Nov 2013 Geothermal – international horizons – EnergyNZ Perspectives 2014 article, B White, NZGA (pdf 161 KB)
Dec 2012 Geothermal – the renewable star – EnergyNZ Perspectives 2013 article, Vol7, No1, B White, NZGA (pdf 1.68MB)
Jul 2012 New Zealand Country Update 2012 – C Harvey, GNS Science & B White, NZGA
Dec 2011 A Geothermal Perspective – EnergyNZ Perspectives 2012 article, Vol6, No1, B White, NZGA
Dec 2010 The Energy Beneath Our Feet – EnergyNZ Perspectives 2011 article, Vol5, No.1, B White
Dec 2010 Energy Perspective 2011 – B White, NZGA
Apr 2010 New Zealand Country Update 2005-2010 – C Harvey, GNS Science; B White, EHE; J Lawless, SKM; M Dunstall, Contact Energy
Dec 2009 Turning up the Heat – EnergyNZ Personpectives 2010 article, Vol4, No.1, B White, NZGA,
Dec 2009 A Geothermal Perspective – B White, NZGA
Oct 2008 Upcoming Geothermal Energy Development in NZ – B White, NZGA
April 2008 Geothermal gathers steam – EnergyNZ Perspectives article, 2008, Issue 4, B White, NZGA
Nov 2007 Growth in the NZ Geothermal Industry – B White, NZGA
Aug 2006 An Update on Geothermal Energy in NZ – B White, NZGA

Specific Issues:

April 2014 Geothermal Capability Register – N Inskip, HERA (pdf 13MB)
Nov 2013 A brief review of geothermal Health and Safety regulations following the “Pike River Inquiry” – B White, East Harbour Energy, (pdf 422KB)
Nov 2013 The NZ Geothermal Association Action Plan 2012 – B White, NZGA
Aug 2012 Specific Comments on Micro-Earthquakes and Fracking – S Sherburn, GNS Science, (pdf 126KB)
Jun 2012 Rotorua Geothermal Home Heat Investigation – S Bendall & L Lind, GNS Science, (pdf 2.64MB)
Aug 2011 Draft case for NZ membership of the International Partnership for Geothermal Technology – B White, NZGA
Dec 2010 Handbook of best practices for geothermal drilling – SANDIA report
Nov 2010 Geothermal Capability Register – N Inskip, HERA
Oct 2009 Assessment of Current Costs of Geothermal Power Generation in NZ (2007 Basis), October 2009 – P Barnett & P Quinlivan, SKM
Jul 2009 Geothermal Heat Pump Study – A Barbour & B Sellars, Beca Carter Hollings and Ferner Ltd), (pdf 3.76MB)
Jun 2009 Updated Assessment of Geothermal Direct Heat Use in NZ– B White, East Harbour Energy
Jun 2009 Skills Issues in the Geothermal Industry – J Brotheridge, Independent Consultant
Jun 2008 Distributed Energy Roles for Geothermal Resources in NZ – B White & B Wilkinson, East Harbour Energy
Nov 2007 Geothermal Capability Register – B Lovell, HERA
Jul 2006 An Assessment of Geothermal Direct Heat Use in NZ – B White, NZGA
Apr 2006 The NZ Geothermal Association Action Plan 2006 – B White, NZGA
Oct 2005 Review of Current and Future Personnel Capability Requirements of the NZ Geothermal Industry – P Barnett, SKM

International papers:

Jun 2012 Geothermal Handbook – Planning and Financing Power Generation – Energy Sector Management Assistance Program [ESMAP], World Bank, (pdf 3.66MB)
Jun 2012 Geothermal Potential of China – Worldview Report, (pdf 1.60MB)
Apr 2012 Geothermal Opportunities in Japan – Worldview Report, (pdf 1.56MB)